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Resources to Assist You

By Ted Polci, CLU, TEP

For many years now, we have been the preferred insurance advisory resource for many professional advisors dealing with estate planning and family businesses, trusts, business agreements and charitable giving, where life insurance or annuities have played a role.

I thought it might be useful to highlight some of the complimentary services we provide for professional advisors so that they are able to better serve and advise their clients.

Policy Valuation – Valuation estimate of an existing insurance contract being considered for a transfer;

a) as a charitable donation

b) as a sale to a non arm’s length corporation

c) non arm’s length from a corporation to an executive or owner

d) for other business or family law matters

Through our consulting actuary, we are able to quickly “ball park” a value without cost to the client. The actuary will provide a written report as required at an agreed fee should the client wish to complete the transaction. Having an estimate of value can be critical in the planning discussions around these transactions.

Contract Analysis – It is no longer possible to simply say “This is a Universal Life policy; here’s how it works”. There are so many different designs and options that it is often important to get an expert analysis before making a decision. One company we know has six different versions of the same contract depending on whether it was bought from 1993 to 2004. We can provide a brief written analysis on any contract and advise whether it is suitable or how to make adjustments to make it fit changed circumstances.

Insurance Strategies Made Understandable

After all these years working with clients and their advisors, we understand that many times you just need a confirmation of your understanding, a quick expert commentary or a second opinion. It isn’t always possible to refer the client. We are pleased to build long term relationships based on capability and confidence and invite your enquiry.

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